Monday, 14 April 2014

Pristella Maxillaris Amazing Fish X-Ray Tetra

The Pristella Tetra Pristella Maxillaris, also known as the Golden Pristella Tetra, is a very pretty little characin. Its known as the X-Ray Fish because its silvery yellow body that is quite transparent. It has striking fin coloration as well, with the dorsal and anal fins having a yellow stripe followed by a black stripe, and finally end up with a white tip, and the tail fin being red or pink. Other common names that describe this beauty range include Water Goldfinch, X-ray Tetra, and Pinktailed Tetra.

The Golden Pristella Tetra is an excellent fish for the beginner. It is extremely hardy and undemanding and is not at all choosy in its water type. That's probably because it is found naturally in both brackish water as well as soft water. It can even withstand very hard water, though it does do its best in soft. A dark substrate and subdued lighting will show the X-Ray Fish best and enhance its colors. It will not get its full color in hard water or under bright light.

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